Tuesday, January 15, 2008

DPL is on MySpace!

Looking for a new way to connect and keep up with your local library? Check out our MySpace page, which is just getitng out of its development stage: http://myspace.com/dplteens. We'll be friending local teens, authors of teen lit, and youth-oriented organizations. You can connect to our online catalog to search for books, music, and movies, and also check our calendar of events. We've already connected with a bunch of great teen authors, so visit their pages to see what they're working on!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fantastic Fall Programs and Services!

Check out your local branch to find out about special programs just for teens, including the drop-in Teen Territories held on early-release Wednesdays in Bend, La Pine, and Sunriver (Thursdays after school in Redmond).

Looking for some homework help? Check out this page on the DPL Teen Scene website, and find a helpful link! We have everything from math help to making a good citation for your research papers, plus some fun history and social studies sites.

Don't forget our booklists: great for when book report time rolls around!

Keep your eye open for the DPL Teen Librarians as they begin school visits, and if you ever have any great ideas (or even crazy, maybe-not-so-great ideas) contact us using this form, or email teenlibrarians@dpls.us.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

YNK Theater dazzles audience!

The Redmond High School drama troupe has been touring all of the Deschutes Public Libraries, performing scenes, and involving the audience in improvisation and crazy warm-up activities. Watch for YNK Theater at your library this summer!

Monday, July 16, 2007

35 brave souls showed up for the Fear Factor Food program held at the Bend Public Library on July 12. We had 5 rounds of gross food, with a pretty nasty surprise tie-breaker at the end. It's amazing what people were willing to eat to get a prize! This week Fear Factor Food comes to the La Pine and Sunriver libraries, next week you can find it in Sisters and Redmond. Small brown "garbage" bags provided!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Manga series @ DPL

Are you a manga fanatic? Did you know that Deschutes Public Library has almost 150 different manga series? Check out our new list of all the manga in the library on the Teen Scene webpage under our Books and Reading link. Or, click here!

Look 'em up, put 'em on hold, and let us know if you want to see some new titles; here's a link to a page where you can send your own suggestions in to the library.

Are you interested in starting an ani-manga club at your local library? Email teenlibrarians@dpls.us and let us know!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Letterboxing @ your library

What is letterboxing? A treasure hunt? A puzzle, an art form? A bit of both? How about all of the above! It started when a hiker left his calling card in a bottle by a remote pool in the moors of Dartmoor, England.

Now letterboxes can be found in your neighborhood, right in the library. What do you need to letterbox? A container, a notebook, and your personal stamp. Take a look at some of the clues area teens created and see if you can find them--remember to bring a stamp, and leave the letterbox where you found it! For more info about letterboxing, check out http://www.letterboxing.org/

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Redmond teens "Get 'da Beat!"

On June 15, Redmond teens met after hours to dazzle the crowd with their talents at the "Got 'da Beat?" Talent Show. About 50 people showed up to chear on the contestants. Mariah Kiepert, Miguel Hidalgo and Gabriel Overton and Zoey Groce were the winners!
There was everything from a magic act to Michael Jackson-white-glove dancing.
The talent show was held to showcase the new teen area at the Redmond LIbrary: Teen Beat.
Thanks to all of the talented Redmond teens who strutted their stuff!